Send message to anyone without saving the number on Whatsapp, know easy way here


There are a lot of tricks of WhatsApp on the internet. Today, we will tell you about one of these special tricks, through which you will be able to send messages it without saving the number. Let us know in detail about the special trick of WhatsApp.

We all use Whatsapp to stay connected with our friends and family. There are many occasions when we also have to send messages to contacts whose numbers are not included in our WhatsApp contact list. Usually, no such feature exists on WhatsApp’s platform, through which messages can be sent without saving the number. But today we are going to inform you about a special trick. Through this, you will be able to send messages without saving the number.

Sent Whatsapp messages without saving a number

1. First, open the web browser on your mobile or desktop.

2. Now copy and paste the link Before pasting, instead of XXXXXXXXXXX, enter the number of the user you want to send the message with the country code.

3. Enter the link after inserting it in the browser. Now the message +911234567890 on WhatsApp will be written below. A message will be written below it.

4. When you click on the message, you will feel like you don’t have WhatsApp installed! DOWNLOAD or use will appear written on WhatsApp Web. If you want, you can download WhatsApp on your desktop or you can also access it from WhatsApp Web.

Note: For your information, please tell that this chat will also be end-to-end encrypted like other chats. Through this trick, only one user will be able to send a message at a time.

The great feature of Whatsapp

Explain that instant messaging app Whatsapp introduced a mute video feature some time ago. Through this feature, users will be able to mute their voices before sending the video. That is, when the other user gets the video, then there will be no voice in it. Whatsapp had been working on the mute video feature for quite some time.