Send money via UPI without internet connection, get rid of the problem

You can do Transactions with UPI even without internet know the Complete Process of Payment

Send money via UPI without internet connection, get rid of the problem

UPI payments are now a surprise to the whole world. The UPI system is a groundbreaking discovery in India’s digital payment system. Almost every Indian is now transacting money using UPI payments. In such a situation, many people are having problems because the mobile network is not good everywhere. But did you know that even if you don’t have an internet connection on your smartphone, you can easily make UPI payments? Today I will tell you how to do it.

This is how to send money through UPI without an internet connection

To use this UPI payment without internet, first type * 99S * USSD from the number you have linked with the bank. Then a pop-up will appear. Nito will be called after choosing the language first. The first time you use this service you will be asked to set up.

Then there you will be asked to choose different options from 1 to 7. If you are doing this for the first time then you will also choose those options and if necessary click on send money option. With this, you can send payment to any other UPI ID using a mobile number or UPI ID or account number.

If the mobile number of the person to whom you are sending money is registered, then you can easily send money by simply putting his mobile number. If you want to send money in this process, you will be asked to give your PIN number in this way. Just enter it and click on the send option. Then the money will go to the person of your choice.

By the way, the UPI payment system is very popular in India. In line with that, internet connection in all parts of the country has not become so active yet. And that is why this new system of sending money offline through UPI has been brought. Of course, you should also adopt this method and if necessary send money in this way through UPI.

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