Smartphone charge in less than ten minutes? Xiaomi’s 200W Hyper Charge system is coming to market

Xiaomi is bringing Technology that can charge Mobiles through Voice

Smartphone charge in less than ten minutes? Xiaomi’s 200W Hyper Charge system is coming to market

In order to get the latest information on how to charge various devices starting from smartphones and laptops in the shortest possible time, the world’s leading companies as well as new institutions are engrossed in research. Despite claiming to break the record for fastest charging, it has been found in most cases that the smartphones available in the market do not have that technology. Xiaomi recently tested the 200W HyperCharge system on a modified Mi 11 Pro smartphone with a 4,000 mAh battery. Xiaomi conducted the whole test using the charging chip of the Chinese brand NuVolta Technologies.

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The company has launched this second generation charging chip commercially, the report says. In that case, there is a big possibility that the technology of fast charging up to 200 watts will be included in the smartphones of Xiaomi or any other brand.

According to online reports, Nuvolta Technologies has launched their second generation charging chip Nuvolta NU2205. The company claims that this chip is capable of outputting 100 watts of power, which no one in the industry has done before. Again since it supports dual cell 4: 2 pump fast-charging architecture, the resulting chip’s power output can reach a maximum of 200 watts. The company also said that even with higher charging capacity, their chip will provide better heat management.

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Incidentally, Nuvolta used pictures of the MI11 / MI11 Pro in social media posts during the announcement of their superfast charging chip. So there is speculation that Nuvolta may be behind Shaomi’s development of a 200-watt hypercharging system. It is even speculated that Xiaomi may be the first to use the Nuvolta fast charging dual technology.

By the way, Xiaomi announced that they are achieving a record of charging the smartphone battery from zero to 100 percent in the fastest time on a 200 watt hypercharge system. In both wired (with charging cable) and wireless (without charging cable) – Xiaomi claimed to have broken the fastest charging record. The modified MI11 Pro smartphone with a 4,000 mAh battery with a 200-watt ‘hypercharge’ system took about 6 minutes to fully charge. And there the wireless charging system took about 15 minutes.

Many people then commented that charging a smartphone in such a short time was an attempt to show people. However, the launch of the new chip indicates that this groundbreaking charging system will also reach the smartphones in our hands after leaving the laboratory house.

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