On June 21, Full Information of Solar eclipse 2020, What will be the effect in our life and From Which places the moment will be seen

Solar eclipse 2020

The first solar eclipse of 2020 is going to happen on June 21. ‘Ring of fire’ will be seen in the sky during the solar eclipse on 21 June. Interestingly, this solar eclipse will also be seen in India. Along with India, this solar eclipse can be seen in Asia, Africa, Europe, and other parts of Australia. The solar eclipse will start at 9:15 am Indian time on June 21 and it will remain till 12:10 pm. Read the full article for more information related to solar eclipse 2020 before the year.


What is an annular solar eclipse?

In simple terms, a solar eclipse refers to the situation when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun. However, during the annular solar eclipse, the Moon is far from Earth. In this case, the moon does not completely cover the sun. Sunlight falls on the earth due to not being completely covered. This is why the ‘Ring of Fire’ appears in the sky in this solar eclipse.


Food is the opposite of solar eclipse, a total solar eclipse, that is, a total solar eclipse, in which the moon lies between the sun and the earth and is the darkest part of its shadow on our earth. In a total solar eclipse, it becomes almost dark at night, while the solar eclipse in the horoscope is unable to cover all parts of the sun and makes its edges shine on the earth.

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When will the annular solar eclipse occur?

According to TimeandDate.com, the solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Africa, including the Republic of Central Africa, Congo and Ethiopia. Apart from this, it will also be seen in South Pakistan, Northern India and China.


The solar eclipse will start at 9:15 am on June 21, this eclipse will be in its maximum form and by 3:04 pm the solar eclipse will end.

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How to see June solar eclipse live

If you live in places where this solar eclipse is going to be visible on 21 June, then you can enjoy these ‘Ring of Fire’ in the sky with your eyes. However, do not forget to wear eye protection while watching the solar eclipse live.


Astro lovers can watch this scene in an online live event. You can watch live streaming of the eclipse on the YouTube pages of popular channels like TimelandDate and Sloh.


Next annular solar eclipse

After the June 2020 solar eclipse, the next ‘Ring of Fire’ will be seen in June 2021.