How video conference online business meeting is less challenging like a pro

How video conference online business meeting is less challenging like a pro

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The epidemic has certainly changed things for businesses regardless of size. With more and more employees working themselves from home and taking important business meetings online, video conferencing has never been more important.

Whether you are a teacher leading classes, artists hosting an event or business leaders taking meetings and pitching, this new online barrier of technology between you and your long-distance audience can be frustrating. But moving these events online provides a whole host of opportunities to make new connections and entice new audiences.

Whether you are using Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or any other video calling service, anyone can stream from their dirty bedroom with a standard webcam. But if you want to stand out in the crowd, look more professional for potential customers and present your ideas in the most captivating manner then the following tips will help your video conferencing game.

1. Record and review your video conference call

Getting feedback is always an important part of growing your business, so why not criticize yourself. Recording and reviewing your own conference calls can help uncover some areas of improvement that you may have never seen.
Disturbing in your back room, looking at your image that is too dark or that your audio is distractingly noisy, can be difficult to identify during a meeting. So why not record the meeting and refer back to it in your own time. With this you can improve things ready for your next video conference call.

Be sure to inform all your participants that the call will be recorded. The Pro version of Zoom and Google Meet have ways to record conversations within browser-based apps. But if you are using software that does not allow for this then you can always record your screen and audio using Quick on Mac or something like OBS on a Windows PC.

2. Dress Properly

This tip may sound like common sense, but we bet you’ve heard countless jokes about wearing at least professional clothing on parts of your body that the camera can’t see. And while it may be more comfortable, you never know what trouble you might get up to during a video call.

You do not want a knock at the door, your phone is ringing in another room or there is an inadequate fire alarm test, which is why you accidentally flash your stern voice to your business partners.

Just as a clean workstation can make you more productive, dressing for the position in the same way can put you in the right headspace and perform better than being present in your sweat.

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3. Use graphics, transitions and overlays

If the goal of your video conferencing is to entertain or inform your online audience, then treating your video call like a live show can be a great way to achieve this.

Logo overlays, lower thirds and infographics can be a great way to add context and more information to what you’re saying. In addition, transitions, animated staircases, and a second camera angle can all add to the entertainment value of your video call, keeping your audience engaged and paying attention.

Apps like Zoom and Facebook Messenger basically provide some of these features inside the app. So make sure to learn your chosen video conferencing software well so that it can be used to make the most of it.

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4. Upgrade from a webcam to a dedicated video camera

Finally, if you are still using the built-in webcam on your 2010 office laptop, it may be time to upgrade. You probably have a better video camera somewhere around the house or maybe even a professional-grade camera that you can link to your laptop and change its webcam.

Unfortunately, since most computers only have HDMI out, you will need some type of capture device to act as a go-to. This will enable your computer to recognize the camera as a new webcam. An alternative to this is the ATEM Mini or ATEM Mini Pro Blackmagic Design. Just run an HDMI cable from your camera to the switcher and connect it to your computer. Then select ATEM Mini as your webcam within your chosen calling software. This will allow you to stream whatever you put into the switcher as if it were your webcam. You can play a professional-grade camera, external audio equipment, or even a presentation on another computer as if it was your original webcam.

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If you want to get really fancy, you can also add multiple sources, which means you can switch between multiple cameras and external devices. The ATEM software controls also allow you to display graphics and transitions, and set up macros to perform multiple tasks at the touch of a button.

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