Steve Jobs’ first job application sold for Rs 1.7 croreSteve Jobs

A job application is written in 1973 by Steve Jobs, one of the legendary figures in the technology world and co-founder of Apple Company, sold at auction at Charter fields in the United Kingdom for 162,000 GBP. The auction of Jobs’ handwritten job application took place from February 24 to March 24 this year.

As we have seen, Steve Jobs’ memorabilia has been auctioned off before. However, this one-page application form must be prominent. According to Charter fields, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, from Oregon in the United States, was the first to apply for a job after he decided to leave Reed College in Portland. Even better, Jobs made the application in 1984, a year before he joined Atari as a technician for a gaming company. The gaming company was also the place where Steve Wozniak, another Apple co-founder, met Steve Jobs. The company they jointly founded in 1986, called Apple, revolutionized the world of technology.

However, according to Charter fields’ website; The rest of the sheet was in good enough condition, with little folds, light stains, and old tape sticking to the top of the sheet. In addition to the basic details like name, address, date of birth, and phone number in the application form, the application also contains information related to skills, special abilities, and interests. Jobs also mentioned his experience in “computers and calculators” and his special skills in “electronic technology or design engineer-digital”. Surprisingly, the application was auctioned once in 2016. Which one technology entrepreneur buys for 175,000.

According to a report by IGN, an Apple 1 computer made by Jobs, like the application form, was sold at auction on eBay last month for 1.5 million. This computer was one of the first 50 units built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The Apple 1 computer is the first computing machine launched by Apple in 1986. Which still contains the Byte Shop KOA wooden case and an unaltered NTI motherboard.