Story of Motivational speaker Sandeep Maheshwari is nothing less than an inspiration


If you decide once in life that you have to achieve something, even the biggest difficulty and defeat will not stop your way and its best example is Sandeep Maheshwari. Model, photographer, and famous motivational speaker Sandeep inspires today’s young generation to realize their dreams. Sandeep’s speech fills new hope and enthusiasm among the people, but for Sandeep, who is sitting on the heights of success today, the way to reach here was not easy.

Born in a middle-class family, Sandeep’s father had an aluminum business, but when Sandeep was studying in class 10, his father had a fight with a business partner and left the business. Since then, the economic situation of Sandeep’s family has worsened. The family tried to do many minor tasks. Also opened the SDT-PCO shop, but all failed. Sandeep’s parents became depressed due to this. Seeing them, Sandeep started feeling that it is impossible to achieve success in life.

The seminar changed the way of thinking

Troubled Sandeep reached a seminar one day and there he saw that a 21 year old boy earns two and a half million rupees a month. Hearing this, he thought in his mind that when he can earn two and a half million, why not me? Just then he started moving on the road of success. Sandeep started modeling. He took training in many ad agencies, but he could not succeed in modeling, but he definitely saw the plight of the models and thought that something should be done for these models.

Photography business

Leaving modeling, he started photography. They started making portfolios of models at a low price, but no particular success was found in this work as well. Then they thought of doing something different. Sandeep made a world record by taking 10,000 photographs in 1000 hours with 1000 models. People got to know him after this feat.

Abandoned photography

Soon Sandeep quit photography and started working in a company. He had a good time here and soon he started earning one lakh rupees a month, but he was not relieved. After a few days, she started a company with her friends, but due to lack of money, she closed in 6 months, but Sandeep did not give up and started writing books on marketing. The specialty of her book was that it used to start from the back. However, he did not get much success in this writing as well.

Photography again

After failing in writing, he again turned to photography and at the age of 26, formed a company called and this company changed his fortunes. Today, this website has more than 1 million pictures on its website and it has around 7000 clients in 45 countries. Sandeep is among the top 10 entrepreneurs in India. Apart from photography, he is also a very good speaker. He gives many seminars and inspiring speeches. Sandeep is also very famous as a motivational speaker.

Watch here a video of Sandeep Maheshwari’s Motivational Speech-

Videos of his speeches on YouTube are very popular. Today, Sandeep, through his motivational speech, motivates the youth to take the right path and positive thinking. The story of Sandeep’s struggle and passion is nothing short of inspiration for many youngsters.