The good news is, WhatsApp allow us to send high resolution videos


The good news is, WhatsApp allow us to send high resolution videos

WhatsApp often comes up with new features to make customers happy and to increase their popularity. Although the Facebook-owned platform is one of the most popular messaging services worldwide, it has some limitations. For example, high-resolution video files on WhatsApp are always compressed and sent as documents in a chat. However, this rule may change soon, with future updates giving users the option to choose video quality.

High resolution videos can be sent via WhatsApp

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will allow its users to send high resolution videos. This feature is already available in Android Beta (version), which allows you to change the default quality when a video is being sent. Currently, WhatsApp does not allow customizing video preferences. However, the latest beta version offers three options for determining video upload compression – ‘Auto’, ‘Best quality’, and ‘Data saver.’

The ‘Auto’ option will probably send videos as compressed files based on data speed. The ‘Data saver’ option is ideal for users who want to send videos with low data consumption. For now, WhatsApp has to send high-resolution video in attached document format. However, the new ‘Best quality’ option will allow users to send a video from the gallery without compromising quality, but in that case it may take a little longer than other options.

Exactly when this feature will roll out to the stable version of WhatsApp is not known for sure. However, since it is currently in beta and WhatsApp is working on it, it is expected that the feature will soon be available for use by all Android users.

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