The Good News is, Windows 11 can be installed manually, Microsoft has made big announcement

Find out when you can download Windows 11

The Good News is, Windows 11 can be installed manually, Microsoft has made big announcement

Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 11 (Windows 11) was launched a few months ago. But even with the eye-catching design, features, or improved performance, some users are uncomfortable with the confusing situation surrounding the update process of this Windows version at launch. Because they say, only Windows 10 users (although some reports mention Windows 7 and 8.1) will receive updates directly to the new operating system. But now Microsoft has made a big announcement for users. They have reversed their earlier decision and said they will not stop users from installing Windows 11 on older PCs (which do not have the required system configuration). Although Microsoft will not take any responsibility for the update!

Older computers will also get the latest Windows 11 OS update

Microsoft has made this exceptional decision for those who want to manually download and install Windows 11 on older machines. However, not all older machines will have updates or system restrictions. In addition, The Verge reports that the company’s decision will enable CPUs to support Windows 11, but only for evaluation purposes. In this case, those who will upgrade the OS will have some risk.

Should Windows 11 be updated on older computers?

Microsoft has stated that Windows 11 versions installed on these devices will not be eligible for updates with security patches. As a result, if the machine is infected with a virus or malware, Microsoft will not help the user. And without security updates, using a PC would be uncomfortable.

Note that manually installing Windows 11 means downloading an ISO file from the Internet and booting it into a PC; To do that one needs to have good knowledge. So inexperienced users should not try this kind of thing. Moreover, older PC users need to meet the minimum core-level requirements (64-bit 1 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB internal storage, etc.) to get this update.

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