The Great Firewall of China: Top websites of the world are here, check how censorship works in China

Great Firewall of China

Great Firewall of China: Great Firewall of China is a program designed for internet censorship which is run by the government and telecom companies together.

The Great Firewall of China is similar in hearing to the Great Wall of China. One of them is a brick wall, the other is a virtual wall.

The Great Firewall of China is actually the internet censorship that China uses. It is also called the world’s most advanced Internet censorship and the Golden Shield project.

The level of internet freedom in China is very poor and China is at number-1 in this list. However, China also has a better alternative to the world’s big websites such as Google and Facebook, which are China’s own.

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An example of this is that in China, popular websites like Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, and Twitter are blocked. However, in China, there are different options ranging from social media and messaging to search engines that people use there.

China also censors content under this firewall. There are many different reasons for this. Many times manipulation is also done in search engine results there.

Talking about websites and URL blocks, individual websites are blocked by this firewall. Not only this, but this firewall blocks also blacklisted keywords from the web page and blocks it.

For example, if a particular keyword was applied to block in this firewall. Now this firewall will scan web pages on the Internet and block websites with that keyword.

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China by blocking outside social networking websites forces people to use their options in away. However, the alternative social media and e-mail websites there are quite good and are of the same level as Facebook.
It is not that the Great Firewall cannot be pierced or broken. This is also possible, but it is a bit difficult. There are many types of advanced VPN solutions to bypass firewalls and some people also use it.

One of the tasks of the Great Firewall of China is to reduce cross-border Internet traffic that has large websites in other countries.

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Many times websites are not even blocked, instead it is limited. In this way, content is developed only for China and only in China.

The Great Firewall of China or the Golden Shield Project was started in 1998 and is constantly being changed. Firewalls are used by you and us on our computers on normal days.

Talking about some basic methods, these include IP blocking and DNS blocking. Since China’s population is very large, it is done on a large scale and hence it is called the Great Firewall, not the firewall.

Due to the Great Firewall, China is number one among the worst-performing countries in Internet Freedom. India is at number 10 on this list.