The immersive view feature came in Zoom, people will be seen sitting at the same place in the meeting.
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The immersive view feature came in Zoom, people will be seen sitting at the same place in the meeting.

Ever since Corona has come, video calling platforms have been continuously growing. Zoom is the biggest example of this. New features are constantly coming in the Zoom video calling platform. The company has launched an immersive view feature that will improve the video calling experience even more.

Actually, under this new feature of Zoom, 25 people will be able to participate in a single virtual background. It will look as if people are sitting together. The feature of the virtual background was also there earlier, but it was individual, that is, every user could change his or her own background.

Under this new tool released by Zoom, the meeting host will be able to add 25 people involved in the Zoom meeting to a single virtual background. This tool has been introduced by the company in the name of the immersive view. Through this tool, an attempt has been made to make video calling more lively.

According to Zoom, the host will enable immersive view, and then it will be given the option to add all participants to the automatic or manual virtual background. The host will also be able to decide what the virtual background will be. Not only this, the hosts will be able to make the virtual image of people small or large.

If more than 25 people are in the meeting then the rest of the people will be seen in the thumbnail strip at the top. According to the company, users must have Zoom Version 5.6.3 above to enable immersive view settings. Users who do not have this version will not see an immersive view and will be able to see the standard gallery or speaker view and the background will be black.

How to enable Zoom immersive view

After signing in to the Zoom Web portal, you have to go to the navigation menu. Here click on account management and after that go to account settings. There will be a Meeting (Advanced) section under the meeting tap here. From here you will get the option of immersive view. It has to be enabled.

Recently, some new features have come in Zoom. For this, you will have to update your app.