iOS 14.5 public, now you can unlock iPhone by wearing a mask


iOS 13.6 update released

iOS 14.5 public, now you can unlock iPhone by wearing a mask

Apple has released iOS 14.5 and iPad 14.5. A new version of iOS and iPad has been unveiled with the technology that can easily unlock the iPhone even when the app is tracking and wearing a mask.

Apple made the beta version of iOS and iPad available to some users a few weeks ago. Now the company has stated that the new version is available to all users.

The new version has a number of user-friendly features as well as significant changes to privacy controls.

According to the company, this new version will be updated on the iPhone itself. If not, the user can update the settings.

To do this, first, open the Settings app. You can then update the new version by clicking on General and then on Software Update.

What’s new

App tracking transparency feature has been made available in the new version of iOS and iPad as a new feature. This will allow users to block various ads from being tracked through the app and the web.

As soon as this tracking system is turned on, the system will inform if an app is tracking the user.

Facebook is protesting the issue of Apple’s new feature. However, advertisers have also reported a decline in revenue.

Siri Voice Change has been added as a new feature in iOS 14.5. Earlier, the company said that the same voice could be changed from default to two voices.

In addition to this, Apple Watch has brought the feature of opening the iPhone while wearing the mask. This feature will be available in Watch versions above WatchOS 7.4.

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