The new feature of Google Assistant to pronounce your name Correctly

Google Assistant is becoming smarter by the day. From giving information about the weather forecast, to telling the score of your favorite sports team, it tells you everything about the best restaurant you need.

But when you order it to call the people on your contact list, then it always fails to recognize the name.

Moreover, in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual country, people’s names are very different. Whose pronunciation is also very easy to complex?

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So Google Assistant can’t identify or detect all those names. Users are suffered by this problem  in all over the world.

Now Google has hinted at resolving the issue. Google is rolling out a new update to Assistant. With this tool, you can teach Google Assistant how to pronounce a particular type of word.

For this, you can record the pronunciation in your voice as well as pronouncing the pronunciation.

This way, once you have recorded a voice, when you pronounce the word and give the command to Google Assistant, it can easily recognize the name or word.

The company has introduced this new tool as part of the Google Assistant upgrade. The company will do this from its Bert language model.

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Currently this name learning feature is only available in English. The company plans to expand it to other languages ​​soon.

Follow this link to learn how to use the feature.

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