A new type of malware is currently spreading from text messages targeting Android smartphone users. The malware, also known as ‘Flubot’, is targeted at smartphone users in the UK and Europe, according to various reports.

Users are tricked into sending messages to Android Smartphone’s as if they have missed a package delivery. Users are then asked to download the ‘Missed Package Delivery’ app from the link in the message.

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In fact, it will be a kind of spyware app. Once installed, it is allowed to collect banking information, credentials, passwords and other personal information within the device.

In addition, the app spreads malware by sending the same message to everyone in the phone contact book inside the compromised device.

Most of the messages seem to come from any delivery company like DHL, UPS, Amazon and Royal Mail.

This kind of social engineering phishing from text messages is currently compromising not only Android but also iOS and other phones.

So far, Flubot Android malware has compromised more than 7,000 devices in the UK alone, according to Proofpoint Cyber ​​Security researchers.

How to get rid of Flubot malware?

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If you also feel that your device has been compromised, do a factory reset of the device as soon as possible. The method of factory reset may vary depending on the Smartphone Company and version. But if you don’t have a backup of your Smartphone’s data, you will lose the data.

After resetting the device, you may get the option to restore the backup. Do not restore the backup at this time because the app affected by the malware will also be downloaded to your device.

After doing so, keep all the passwords new. Never use an old password when changing it.