The privacy policy of Whatsapp will change from February 8, now every detail watched by Facebook


The privacy policy of Whatsapp will change from February 8


Whatsapp has updated its privacy and the new privacy policy will be implemented from 8 February. Users who do not follow the new policy will have their accounts closed. Now Facebook will keep a close watch on users’ personal information.

New Delhi, Tech Desk. Instant messaging app Whatsapp will be implementing its privacy policy from 8 February. It has also been clarified that the accounts of users who do not accept the term and conditions of the new policy will be changed. The most important thing is that this company has played the main role of Facebook in the new privacy policy and users will have to share their Whatsapp account details with Facebook. Let’s know about the new privacy policy of Whatsapp from the details …

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Whatsapp users will have to share personal information with Facebook

You must be feeling a little strange after listening to the sharing of personal information. But Whatsapp has clarified through its blog that under the new privacy policy, users have to share their Whatsapp details with Facebook. According to the blog, ‘many businesses rely on Whatsapp to communicate with their customers. We are working closely with businesses that use Facebook or third party to improve communication with users. For this, it will be mandatory for the users to share the data of their transactions and information of IP deal. ‘

Under the new policy of Whatsapp, the data of users will be shared, which will include account information, message connections, status information, device details, location, and transaction, etc. All this information will be shared with Facebook and other services. Along with this, the company has also made it clear that the information about the message connection of the users will be shared and not the details of its message. That is, the messages of the users will be completely safe.

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The last date for the new policy is 8 February

Whatsapp has also announced that users have until 8 February to accept the new privacy policy. That is, you have to accept it by 8 February. If you do not accept the new policy, then your Whatsapp account will be closed.