This new feature is coming in Instagram, your name will not be spoken wrong

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This new feature is coming in Instagram, your name will not be spoken wrong

A new feature is coming to Instagram. This feature will be beneficial for those people whose names are pronounced wrong.

A new feature has been added to Instagram. This kind of feature came in LinkedIn some time ago. Actually, this feature will be helpful in telling people how your name is spoken.

In your Instagram profile, you will be able to apply your name’s pronunciation ie pronation. Many times it happens that the name written in English is spoken differently in Hindi. In such a situation, this feature is going to prove very beneficial for users.

This new feature of Instagram will appear next to the users’ profile username. According to the company, users can add the pronunciation of their name by filling the form.

Users will be able to decide who can see this feature. That is, by going into the settings, you will be able to set whether it will be visible to all or only your followers or those whom you follow.

However, it has not yet been cleared by Instagram that when will this feature be made available to everyone. Because it is currently only in some countries. When this feature comes, it will be easy to set it up. This new feature will come within the edit profile of Instagram.

The pronunciation of your name can be written by going to the Edit Profile section of Instagram. There will be an option to write four types of pronunciation here.

However, when talking about LinkedIn, there is a slightly different feature here. In the linked-in profile, you can set the pronunciation of your name by speaking it yourself. Here the option is given in the settings. After this, an audio icon will appear next to your profile whereby clicking anyone can hear the pronunciation of your name in your own voice.

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