Tonight, Netflix will be free for everyone from 12 noon, how to access

Netflix Free Offer

Netflix is ​​free tonight from 12 noon – not forever. For two days only. In fact, Netflix had announced a week ago that free access to Netflix will be given hereunder StreamFest in India.

There are a few steps that you need to follow to get free access to Netflix for two days. The good thing is that you do not have to enter bank details i.e. debit or credit card number to access free Netflix.

According to Netflix, in this promotional offer, users can access all the content of Netflix. That is, whatever the premium Netflix features, users will be able to have free access to them for two days.

This StreamFest is only for those who are not subscribers of Netflix. For free offers, first, need to create a Netflix account. For this, you can download the app or go to the website of

You must sign up after downloading the app. Here the phone number, email ID, and password are to be entered. After creating an account, you can go to this app on the website and watch free Netflix on 5-6 December 2020. Under this fest, you can watch TV, PC, laptop or mobile anywhere. You will get SD content i.e. HD or Full HD content.

It is worth noting that now the company has finished a month-long free trial. Earlier, Netflix was free for a month for new users, but before the introduction of this new two-day free offer, the company has ended the trial offer.

In India, Netflix had also brought a mobile-only plan of 199 rupees to gather more users. This plan has also become popular, but it has some limitations. Netflix in India competes with Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar.

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