How to get verified on twitch?

How to get verified on twitch

Everyone who is able to access the Internet comes to know the king in the middle of the streaming platform. Twitch remains steadfast in his footsteps and looks steadfast. With various features for the streamer, it gives them an opportunity to earn a living. At present, it is not stuff whether you are a newbie streamer or a professional who receives a Twitch verified badge and benefits from the audience. How is this badge related to income? Why is it necessary to aspire to achieve this? The explanations are below.

Is there a twitch verified badge?

A circle with a Twitch Verified badge or tick is an icon indicating a Twitch Verified user. This means that a steamer with a twitch checkmark forms the affiliate program and part of the OS of Twitch partnership. Streamers who have a verified partner status are acceptable to earn money from the platform and automatically receive a verification badge. Twitch is going to set up a policy for additional users to receive badges in the near future. Good news for streamers with large audiences but without a checkmark.

Note: There are some other badges on Twitch such as Broadcaster, VIP, Twitch staff. However, they are marked with other labels.

How to get verified on twitch?

To be verified on twitch, certain criteria must be met:

  • At least 50 followers
  • 500+ total minutes aired for the last 30 days
  • At least 7 unique broadcast days for the last 30 days
  • At least 3 average synchronized viewership for the last 30 days

Tip: Engage with your audience while streaming, don’t skimp on pleasant surprises for them. Be enthusiastic and show your respect. And make sure you have the right setup, definitely.

Please note: Even if you meet all the requirements, Twitch may take some time to send you an invitation to join the affiliate program. Once you get it, just follow the instructions, and you will get the desired badge.


The conclusion

If you try to get a twitch verification badge, my detailed guide will really work. Once you meet all the criteria, Twitch will tell you that it is high time you became a partner. This can happen as soon as possible! Have a good time on the twitch.