The iPad Split Screen Mode – How to view the split screen on the iPad, Android phones, Tablets

The iPad Split Screen Mode How to view the split screen on the iPad

The iPad Split Screen Mode is a very useful way to maximize screen space, allowing you to view multiple tabs or apps at once – which can check your email when you open your document, or when you’re playing a game. Open that game guide in the floating window.

Thanks to iPad OS, you can also split into a single application, for example, viewing two pages on the Internet at the same time.

Though, how to start split-screen mode, you’re blessing, as the iPad doesn’t give you many hints, and you may miss this beneficial function.

So to save you some trouble, follow this step by step guide on how to start split-screen mode on iPad. We’ve updated the article to reflect changes made by the new iPad-specific operating system, iPad OS, but you’re a little different when it comes to enabling split screen mode in practice.

It’s also worth noting that not all apps provision split screen mode on the iPad – especially games, movies and TV streaming apps and video call platforms that often don’t permit you to split the screen.

We used the iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) for screenshots of this guide, but the steps work for different iPad running iPad – all you need is to enable the mode under Settings, Display and Brightness, Display Zoom. . ‘,’ Zoom ‘,’ set ‘, then’ use zoom ‘

How to set split-screen mode on iPad

1. Find your second app

The iPad Split Screen Mode - Find your second app

To split your screen in iOS, you really need to find your second app. Now close it again – all you have to do is open it briefly, so it will appear on your toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

2. Open your original application

Open your original application
Now open the main application you want to split the screen with – if you don’t want to split the screen to the same size, choose one that occupies most of the screen space. Will carry like.

Next, swipe down from the bottom to bring up the toolbar with your pinned application and your most recent applications – that’s why you open the second app, as it should this time.

3. Drag another application drop

Drag another application drop
Press and hold this second app and then drag it from the toolbar. When you wave it in the first application, it should turn into a long thin rectangular box like the image below – drag the second application to the left or right side of the screen wherever you want and continue to open it. Do it

When you drag and drop another app, it’s in a square box, unfortunately this means this app doesn’t support split screen mode, so you’re out of luck.

How to rearrange split-screen mode on iPad


How to rearrange split-screen mode on iPad
On the iPad, you’ve now got a great app that takes up most of the screen and on the other hand sits in slices – not what you’re looking at, but you can again arrange things in a few ways.

1. Hide and bring back the pop-up tab

If you need to hide this other app, you can simply touch the gray bar above it and drag it to the adjacent of the screen, which will make the app disappear from the side.

Then, if you want to bring it back, you can easily swipe from this side and it will be backed up.

2. Open the ‘true’ split-screen mode

The second tab now sits in front, but you can split the screen between the two tabs if you demand.
Press and hold the gray bar at the top of the second tab and drag it down (or up). Both tabs will be blurred, but they will sit side by side when you publish, so no text is ambiguous.

To reverse this, do the same process again, and another application will go down on top of the original again, so you can easily get over it.

3. The application is equal

If you want the second app to be larger, you can easily drag the bar above or beyond the middle half line of the screen. Apps can only ever be split 50:50 or 25:75 so you don’t go crazy, but it works if you’re dashing between them.

Opening two of the same app on iPad

If you have installed iPad, it is very easy to open the same app. Just follow the orders above, but when you drag and drop the new app icon, do it for the app you previously open.

Not all apps work this way, but most apps that come to your iPad work, including Safari files and mail.