Upcoming phones, including the OnePlus 8T, will not have all Facebook apps pre-installed

Now almost all companies have pre-installed apps on their smartphones. These apps also offer a lot of unnecessary apps. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger can also be pre-installed on the phones of Chinese smartphone company OnePlus. For this, the company did not hear less criticism. And so OnePlus has now decided to remove all Facebook apps from their phones. A company spokesman said Facebook’s apps would not be pre-installed on upcoming phones, including the recently launched OnePlus 8T.

According to OnePlus, only the Netflix app will be pre-installed among other apps, so that users can watch good quality videos. However, no Facebook app will be pre-installed.

OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 8, and OnePlus 8 Pro have had to endure a lot of criticism due to the presence of Facebook bloatware. While users could uninstall Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook apps, they could only disable background Facebook services such as Facebook Application Manager, Facebook Installer, and Facebook Notification Services.

Cleaning was done on behalf of the company, resulting in Facebook consuming less battery. They also said that phones sold in Europe, India, and North America will have Facebook apps and services pre-installed. Although this time they are canceling that plan.

However, the Chinese flagship company has not promised that these apps will not be pre-installed on OnePlus phones in the future. The company has not even commented on how to uninstall pre-installed Facebook apps and services on OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 series phones.