Video calls can be made all day for free, the big surprise of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Google Meet and Zoom are the two main competitors in the current digital market for video conferencing. Many people may not know that Microsoft also has its own video conferencing app called Teams. To keep up with the competition with other video conferencing apps, Microsoft is now adding a new option to the teams. This option allows free video calling throughout the day. The desktop and web versions of Teams have launched this feature for clients to talk to friends and family. This feature allows you to make unlimited video calls with up to 300 members. By the way, no such feature is available for free in the zoom app.

This feature allows you to join the call even if you do not have a Microsoft account or Microsoft Teams app. In that case, you have to join the call with a web browser. In addition, 49 members can be seen together in the gallery view during the call.

Zoom, meanwhile, has lifted the 40-minute deadline for each session on their platform. In a message on Twitter, they wrote, “We are lifting the 40-minute time limit on our meetings around the world to thank users from midnight on November 26 to 8 am on November 26 in European time, so that your family gathering does not get shorter.” Please be informed that they are launching this offer on the occasion of the ‘Thanksgiving’ festival celebrated on 26th November in America and other countries.

This offer is valid for all free customers. Moreover, users from all over the world can take advantage of this offer. As a result, Indian users will get the benefit of this offer even if they do not observe ‘Thanksgiving’. Notably, after the announcement of this special offer from Zoom, Microsoft introduced the Unlimited Call feature in Teams. This app from Microsoft has not been used much in other fields except for professional needs. Let’s see how much this situation changes as a result of the new offer.

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