Great News that Wear OS Smartwatch assist dynamic watch face

Wear OS Smartwatch
Image Credit by “wearable”

The selection of the Wear OS Smartwatch face is limited in terms of the greater variance than the actual selection, as some are very different from typical watch faces. This can change dramatically though, as Google has given a turn to work faces that can radically change them.

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In a post on the Android developer site, Google has explained that Wear OS watch faces can now make the most use of ‘hardware acceleration’ – that is, they can use the processing power of smartwatches with good chipsets or lots of RAM.

The advantage would be that the frame rate would be boosted, so the animations and changes (moving the clock hand, or moving about individual menus) would be much smoother and more pleasing to the eye.

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It also means aspiring designers will be able to create watch faces that are more dynamic and ‘fun’, leaving the classic watch face looks to be more complex and fun – at least for advanced smartwatches. for better or for worse

Since wearer OS developers can now implement this change in their software, it won’t be long until you start looking at these hardware-accelerated clock faces, and it’s possible that you have previously Faces present with this change will also be updated soon. Even if it is just for smooth hand movements.

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Another possible side effect of this change is that some watch faces may be better at saving battery and extending the life of your smartwatch, as some Wear OS processors have battery-saving software that will now come into play on watch faces. However, if you download a new watch face with a higher frame rate, it will have the opposite effect and reduce the life of your watch.

Because battery life is a common problem on Wear OS smartwatches, lasting more than a day, this hardware acceleration trick can provide faces that go towards solving the problem or make it worse. Let’s make it.