What is Koo App and How to Use it 2021? Koo App kya hai- Koo App Review in Hindi

Koo App kya hai- Koo App Review in Hindi
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Friends, in today’s post, we will tell you about the Koo App that has come on the Internet keeping in mind the self-reliant India to give competition to Twitter.

We will give you all the information related to Koo app “What is Koo App”- or Koo App kya hai- Koo App Review in Hindi” Koo app is the alternative app of Twitter. Koo is a news and magazine based application. With this, you are a Micro Blogging Platform to share the Koo app Opinion.

What is Koo App or Koo App kya hai ?

In this, you can discuss your thoughts just like Twitter. Koo App is a Microblogging app like Twitter. Koo app was launched in March 2020. In this, you can Koo Text, Video and Audio like twit is done in Twitter, in the same way you can Koo in Koo app. Whatever you used to do in Twitter, you can do all that in the Koo app. You can also call Koo a Made in India Twitter.

Apart from Hindi, English, 8 Indian languages ​​are also available in this. In this, you can tweet up to 350 words, that is, you can do Koo. So far 30 lakh people including many ministers, chief ministers have downloaded the Koo app.

Koo App Founder

The Koo app has been started by Mayank Bidawatka of Bangalore and Aparyam Radhakrishnan with him. Both of them are the founder and owner of Koo app. Aparyam Radhakrishnan is also the CEO of this app.

From Which Country Belonging Koo App?

Like we have already told you that Koo app is an Indian app. It has been made by 2 people of Bangalore together. This app is also recognized by the Prime Minister of India. This app has been specially designed keeping in mind the self-reliant India. Let us tell you that on the download page of Google Play Store it has been described as “Built for Indians”, that is, you can share your opinion in your own language.

Koo App Tagline

“Connect with Indians in Indian Languages”

How To Download Koo App or Koo App kaise download kare?

Koo app is available for all three versions of Android, iOS and web. You can also use it in Android, iOS and Website. In Android you can download it from Play store, in iOS it can be downloaded from App store.

How the Koo App Working?

If you want to use it in PC or Laptop, then you do not need to download it because now the website of Koo app is also available on the Internet. You can use Koo app by visiting this website and login to the browser.

We have told you earlier that the Koo app is an alternative app to Twitter. This means that the way you used to follow your favorite celebrity on Twitter, you can do it in the same way. Along with this, you can also share text, video and audio in this. In this you can share #Hashtag, News with the people you want.

How to use Koo App or Application?

  1. Download Koo App

First of all, you have to install the Koo app by going to the Play store and after that you have to open the Koo app.

2. Select Language

Koo for Android - APK Download

Now select the language in which you want to use this app.

3. Choose Number

How to create an account on Koo App: Step-by-step guide - Information News

Enter the number from which you want to create an account in the Koo app and then click on proceed.

4. OTP

An OTP will come in your number which you have to enter. Koo App Review

5. Profile Picture

If you want to add Profile Picture then add it otherwise click on proceed. Twitter Alternative App Koo.

6. Interface

In this, you will get to see the interface just like Twitter, you can change the setting accordingly.

I hope you have understood today’s post Koo App kya hai- Koo App Review in Hindi, if you want to know anything more related to Koo App, then you can tell us in the comment box below and also if you give us any If you want to give suggestions, you can also give them in the comment box.

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