WhatsApp users should be careful, if they do not follow the policy, they will lose access to chat list including calling

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WhatsApp users should be careful, if they do not follow the policy, they will lose access to chat list including calling

WhatsApp’s new Terms of Service (ToS) news came out today, saying that although the new policy will take effect on May 15, those who did not agree to it or did not click on the ‘Agree’ or ‘Accept’ option – their account will be deleted. Not at all. Instead, interested parties will be able to accept the terms even after the 15th, and the company will continue to issue reminders to such users. Naturally, many are relieved to hear this announcement. But in the meantime, if the question arises as to why the popular instant messaging medium suddenly changed its mind or whether there is a mystery behind this new decision – then the details of a recent statement from WhatsApp confirmed that their fears cannot be dispelled. What exactly could be the consequences of not following the policy? Let’s find out.

In fact, WhatsApp seems to be trying to pressure users to comply with this policy, even though it promises that ‘the account will not be deleted if users do not comply with the new terms within a certain period of time’ or ‘it will be accepted later’! According to a PTI report, in the statement, the Facebook-owned platform made it clear that after May 15, many functions of the application will gradually not work. In that case, those who do not heed the company’s reminder or ‘final warning’ will not be able to access the chat list in the coming days. As a result, if users receive a message, they will be able to open it through a notification and respond.

On the other hand, users will be able to make audio or video calls at this time, but if they do not accept the new terms even after one week of the policy coming into force, all the benefits of calling or messaging will be stopped. In other words, in this case, even if someone’s WhatsApp account is not deleted, there is no doubt that it will reach a useless state. Moreover, users will have no choice but to accept the policy to use this app – that’s for sure!

All in all, after thousands of attempts over the past few months to dispel misconceptions about this policy, WhatsApp has come up with a new idea to implement it. But as much as the company has been embroiled in controversy over the policy since three months ago, its half-hearted announcement (in Bengali, ‘turning one’s nose’) will elicit a similar reaction, or re-signaling or telegram users in groups. Only time will tell if you will lean towards it.

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