How to use the WhatsApp’s unveiled six new sticker packs with double enjoy of chat features

Whether at work or at home, WhatsApp has become a constant companion for people around the world. The Facebook-owned messaging platform is hugely popular with users for bringing new features on a daily basis. And the advent of sticker feature in this app has multiplied the joy of chat. Now almost everyone loves to express their attitude through stickers. The use of assorted stickers in virtual conversations has also increased significantly in the current pandemic situation. And so WhatsApp came up with a few more sticker packs to make users happy.

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According to reports, the messaging app has rolled out six new sticker packs for users. Incidentally, WhatsApp recently launched sticker packs for the Earth Day 2021, Ramadan and Covid-19 vaccines. However, the new WhatsApp Sticker Packs are available on both Android and iOS operating systems. Users can use these latest 6 sticker pack collection includes Egg And Chap, Realistic Rabbit, Betakkuma 2, Square Cheese’s Daily Life, Woman Cactus and A Burdensome Pigeon Named Eagle.

WhatsApp users on Android and iOS will find new sticker packs from the App’s Sticker Store. To find sticker packs, users must first tap on the emoji button, and then select the sticker icon from the bottom tray. Then you have to select the “+” icon to see the complete list of sticker packs. The 7 newly rolled out sticker packs will appear in the top 6 positions on this list, and will have a “new” tag next to their titles. Users can download these sticker packs by tapping the “arrow” button, and once downloaded, they will be visible in the app’s sticker section.

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By the way, WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new feature, where users can view the pictures or videos in their chat in a larger format. WhatsApp usually has a pre-set size for pictures or videos. So most of the time after uploading a picture or video, some part of it is cropped. Repeatedly tapping and opening this crop size content becomes very annoying for the users. But with this new feature, users will be able to view photos or videos in their chat box in larger formats than their original size, without the need to view any cropped versions. This new feature is now available to all WhatsApp users worldwide.

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