WhatsApp web shutting down? What the company said.

WhatsApp Web Shutting Down

WhatsApp web shutting down? What the company said.

One of WhatsApp’s long-awaited features is multi-device support, which is expected to roll out to all users this year. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been testing the feature for months, and the company recently allowed some beta users to test the feature. Meanwhile, we still know that WhatsApp users have to scan the QR code and log in to the WhatsApp web to view the messages coming through their smartphones in a browser. However, in this case, users often face a big problem. The moment the user’s phone’s internet connection is disconnected or the battery runs out, the connection to the WhatsApp web is disconnected. This also applies to WhatsApp desktop applications for Windows and macOS.

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The recently launched multi-device beta testing on WhatsApp allows users to use WhatsApp on primary devices (smartphones) and three more devices, even if the primary device does not have Internet access. As a result, it is possible to get rid of this problem. But now the question is, what will happen to WhatsApp web after the launch of multi-device support?

WhatsApp Plans

In response, a WhatsApp spokesperson told TechRadar, “WhatsApp has always been an important platform for our users. So far, WhatsApp is only available for use on one device at a time. Desktop and web support only served as a reflection of your phone. So the company has no plans to close this option. ”

Contextual WhatsApp users must remember that when multi-device support is turned on, they will be able to add up to thirteen more devices – but they are WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop or Facebook Portal. According to popular feature liquor website WABetaInfo, the company may offer additional devices (such as smartphones or tablets) at a later stage, an indication of which was found a few days ago in the ‘log out’ function in an unpublished version of the app.


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