Brave Browser’s own search engine is public, can it beat Google?


Brave Browser's own search engine is public, can it beat Google?

Popular ad-blocking browser Brave has unveiled a public beta version of its search engine, which will compete with Google in the market. Brave Search will be the default in Brave Browser later this year.

Brave, like other search engines, does not reproduce the information found by Google. Brave is preparing his own details.

For now, however, Brave has come up with a way to get a glimpse of Google on Bing and other general searches for photos. Brave will not have ads like in Google. But later, a free search engine with ads and a paid search engine without ads will be available.

Challenging Google’s search engine is a challenge in itself. According to a survey by Stat Counter, about 92 percent of searches are done on Google. Similarly, less than three percent of searches are on Bing.

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This could be an opportunity for Brave because of the questions raised about user safety and the concerns raised by governments around the world.

Before Brave, Google competed with DuckDuckGo, a personal-based mobile browser with an annual revenue of 100 million.

DuckDuckGo is preparing to launch its desktop browser soon. Smaller search engines such as Yahoo, Ecosia, StartPage and Qwant, including DuckDuckGo, are working in partnership with Microsoft Bing and Google.

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Brave automatically blocks ads and blocks websites that track your Internet search. Tracker blocking features are also available on Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Google is also working on this feature in Chrome. Brave users can also use their own separate ad system.

Users can obtain their own cryptocurrency “Basic Attention Token” on behalf of Brave through the advertising system used based on their privacy.

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