Where is your old phone Number – How to Prevent old Numbers from Hacker


This news can be stressful if any of your old numbers are blocked and you are living comfortably. When you take a new number and close the old number.

In this case, the telecom company recycles your old number after 6 months and sells it to another person. But the concern here is that another person can access all of your accounts using the old number in your name, in which you used that number.

This challenge poses a serious threat to your privacy. A study by Princeton University in the United States has shocked everyone.

Because no other such research had come out before, the research report states that the process of recycling old numbers by telecom companies raises questions about user privacy.

When you change your number, it is your biggest mistake not to immediately update the new number in your social networking, Gmail, email, etc. account. You start using a new number.

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But in the meantime, you can access your digital account from your old number. Your number is also linked to e-commerce apps and sites.

In this case, the person who has your old mobile number can access it. According to a report from Princeton University, a journalist had a new mobile number.

Later, blood tests and spa appointment messages started coming to the number. During the research, 200 recycled numbers were tested for a week.

In which 19 old messages and calls from old users were coming. Authentication and OTP codes were also coming to these numbers many times.

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Old numbers can be dangerous, how to avoid them?

Your old number could be used for a phishing attack. In addition, hackers can use your old number in newsletters, campaigns, subscriptions, etc.

In addition, your old number can be used to access your email, social media account, and e-commerce account. Now the question surely arises in your mind, how to avoid this kind of danger?

For this, if you are closing any of your old numbers first, don’t forget to update your new number in your email, social network, shopping site, etc. immediately.

Also, update your bank account number as soon as possible. Because the slower you do it, the more dangerous you are.

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