You can do ‘Secret Chat’ on WhatsApp, messages will be automatically deleted

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You can do ‘Secret Chat’ on WhatsApp, messages will be automatically deleted

The fun of chatting on WhatsApp is now going to increase manifold. Recently, the company has launched many new features of WhatsApp, in which the most important feature is to secure chatting. On activating this feature, all messages are automatically deleted at the specified time, which is the most important of privacy. If you also want to start this feature on your phone, then you have to follow some easy steps. Let’s know about them…

1. No one will be able to see the message except you

With the help of this feature of WhatsApp, you will be able to keep your personal chatting secret. That is, without your permission no one will be able to see or read your messages. It will be completely safe.

2. Use the ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature

Till now crores of users used to opt for archive chat to keep their message secret. Or they had to manually delete all the messages. To eliminate this problem, WhatsApp had launched the Disappearing Message feature, but even today many people are unaware of its benefits.

3. Messages will be deleted automatically

According to the company, after turning on the disappearing feature in the settings, the messages will automatically disappear within seven days. Apart from this, users on WhatsApp will be able to set the time with the message. Then after the specified time, the message will be automatically deleted.


4. Can Activate like this

Activating the ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature is very easy. First of all, open the chat whose message you want to put on automatic delete. After that click on the name given on his profile picture. Here you will get the option of Disappearing Message. Turn it on.

5. Pin lock on WhatsApp

Apart from this, WhatsApp has also given the option of fingerprint lock, with the help of which no one else will be able to read your chats. If someone wants to read the message, then first he will have to take your permission. You can also start this by clicking on the privacy option after the phone’s settings. Overall, this will make your chatting completely secure.

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