Doing online consultation on WhatsApp, Practo, then keep these things in mind

Doing online consultation on WhatsApp, Practo, Then keep these things in mind

Doing online consultation on WhatsApp, Practo, then keep these things in mind

Due to Corona, people have started taking more advice from doctors online. Apps like Practo, Apollo 24/7 have become a secure medium to get medical advice through video calls. Apart from these apps, people are taking their doctor’s opinion on WhatsApp, Zoom, and other platforms. You do not have much time during an online consultation. In such a situation, it is very important that some work should be done before online consultation.

  • Note down all the symptoms, allergies, and medical conditions

Make a note of all your symptoms in one place before consulting online. Write down what you are allergic to. Briefly note down your medical history and keep it with you. Make notes of what medicines you are taking and your lifestyle, food habits.

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  • Keep a record of weight, BP, pulse rate


The doctor can treat you better only if you give him the latest health data. Keep data on your weight, height, body mass index, body temperature, pulse rate, blood glucose level, blood pressure, and heart rate ready.

  • Get a basic blood test done

When you are seeking advice for a specific disease, get a basic medical test done well in advance. In the first consultation, the doctor writes all the blood tests and health tests. Diagnosis starts sooner if done in advance.

  • Upload the report

Upload your report before the appointment. This will save you from last-minute hassle.

  • Keep the phone close so that the doctor’s call is not missed

If you have made an appointment for a fixed slot, make sure that you are available at that time. Keep your phone close by so that you don’t miss a doctor’s call. Keep in mind that you sit in such a place where there is light. Also, your Wi-Fi connection should be good. With this, the call will not be cut during the consultation.

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  • Online payment

Keep your online payment option open. All the apps ask to make the payment during the appointment itself.

  • Ask a doctor for a digital prescription

Although there is an option in the app that they give the Prescription immediately, If it is not in that app, ask the doctor for his signed prescription. Get it via email or Whatsapp.

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