Google Snapshot feature disappeared from Android Smartphones, will not be able to use it now

, will not be able to use it now

Google Snapshot feature disappeared from Android Smartphones, will not be able to use it now

Google Assistant Snapshot: Google has removed one of its features from Android smartphones. You might not be able to use this feature present on your phone till a few days ago. Know what is Google Assistant Snapshot, which has now been removed by the company.

Google has removed a feature from Android smartphones. Introduced in the year 2018, you will no longer find the Google Snapshot feature on your phone. According to the report of 9to5Google, Google has finally removed this feature. This feature found on Android smartphones was of great use, but very few people were aware of it.

This feature used to look like an inbox on your Google Assistant screen. By clicking on it, users could easily get their current information. For example, you used to get details like appointments, weather forecasts, traffic, and reminder with a scrollable interface with a single click.

This feature was very useful

It was a small and very useful feature. However, if you are not aware of this feature, then you will hardly have noticed it right now. Many Android users were not aware of this. Earlier this year, Google had said in a notice on its app that the Snapshot feature would be ‘gone’ soon.

However, at that time Google did not give any frame date for this and now in mid-April 2022, Google has removed it from Android smartphones. You used to get this feature on Google’s Discover page.

Many features have already been closed

The technology giant brand wants to keep users up to date with the apps that they are enjoying. Even before this, there are many apps that Google has closed. In the year 2012, the company added a feature called Google Now, which acted as a digital personal assistant.

Over time, this feature was replaced by Google Assistant, and its visual info collection was replaced by Snapshot. However, Google has now closed Snapshot as well. For this, the company has issued a support page, in which it has been told where you can find those data of yours. The easiest way to do this is to use Google Assistant.

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