Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Big announcement from Google, 10 lakh Indian women will benefit from this

In the Google For India event, the company has made many big announcements for women from rural areas. The company has also told about the ongoing internet partner program in India, which has completed for six years.

Google For India 2021: Google’s annual event Google for India was held virtual this time. During this, giants such as Sundar Pichai and Ratan Tata, CEO of Google and Alphabet, joined.

The main focus of this edition of Google for India was on women. There is also International Women’s Day. In this event of Google, the company told about the internet partner being run in India. According to the company, the Internet is like a messiah program.

Google has said that in India the company will support 10 lakh women businessmen who live in rural areas. The company has also announced the Women Will web platform for this.

Google today announced a $ 50,000 fund from for 1 lakh women farmworkers at the Google for India event, which will be given to the Nasscom Foundation for their support.

After this fund given by Google, NASSCOM Foundation will provide digital and financial literacy training to women farmworkers of Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

This platform launched by Google will also be available in Hindi. In the beginning, with the help of 2,000 internet partners, Google will make these women to get this resource given by Google.

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Google’s Internet Companion Program in India has completed 6 years. This program led to the empowerment of women living in under-developed areas. Google’s internet partner program is spread in many states of the country. It includes states like Punjab, Maharashtra, Odisha and Rajasthan.

Many women do not have access to smartphones and the internet. She is also doing her business successfully with the help of this program. Internet Saathi was launched in 2015.

Google launched it with the help of Tata Trust, looking at the gender divide. Sanjay Gupta, the Country Manager and Vice President of Google India, started this event of the company today. He said that Internet Saathi now has 80,000 volunteers. This program has reached 3 lakh villages of the country.

Sanjay Gupta said that with the help of the program, 3 crore women were given good connectivity, cheap phones, and better support of Indian languages ​​on their phones. The company said that the internet partner has succeeded in reducing the gender divide in digital literacy.

4 out of 10 women in rural India are now digitally literate. Before the program was launched, only 1 out of 10 women in the village was digitally literate.

It is interesting that till recently, unknown women are now earning in lakhs from smartphones. The program made them easy to understand digital trends. She was able to know how the marketing of the product is done through the internet. During the Internet Saathi program, she learned two, she is also teaching other women of her village.

Google announced that there will be a business page on Google Pay. Entrepreneurs can easily transact with this help. The company will mark women in Google My Business to get women entrepreneurs to identify their businesses. By which women’s business can be searched.

The event was attended by Women Child Development Minister Smriti Irani, Chief Marketing Officer of the company Lorraine Tohill, Senior Country Manager of the company, Sapna, UN Under Secretary-General Phumzile Mlambo.