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Deciding which of the thousands of online stores is currently the best is really a complicated matter. So in addition to resolving this problem for customers, to make the shopping experience more smooth for them, tech giant Google came up with an express app in 2019. But two years after launching the app, Google has announced that they are going to discontinue this mobile shopping app. IOS users, including Android, will no longer be able to use Google’s shopping app from June this year. However, in this case, Google said, users will be able to continue shopping from the website using the desktop or web version of the shopping app.

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Last week, XDA developers first noticed the shutdown of this app. Several other users later reported that after updating to the latest version of the shopping app, the message “Something went wrong” was repeatedly displayed on their screens. As a result of the uncertainty among users about the app’s durability, a Google spokesperson told 9to5Google, “We will no longer make the shopping app available in the next few weeks.”

In addition, Google has appealed to its users to keep any data stored in their mobile shopping app, to move it to another secure location. Otherwise, they may be deleted. However, the company has assured its users that Google will provide all the services available in this mobile app on the shopping tab on its web. In addition, Google is bringing some new features to their other apps, including the Shopping tab, so that users can easily find the products of their choice and continue shopping.

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Many in the context think so; Adding new features to other platforms, including image search, text search and YouTube, the mobile shopping app has been shut down primarily for tech giant Google’s efforts to increase the effectiveness of shopping. For example, last month it was reported that Google was experimenting with a new feature on its YouTube, where for the convenience of users, in addition to listing the products in the video, it would also suggest watching some of the recommended videos. As a result, no separate app will be needed.

Also, the American multinational technology company Google has said that they may add augmented reality feature at a later time to improve the shopping related product search program.