Here’s How to use Google Chrome’s ‘tab grouping’ feature on Android

Here's How to use Google Chrome 'tab grouping' feature on Android

Here’s How to use Google Chrome’s ‘tab grouping’ feature

on Android

Here's How to use Google Chrome's 'tab grouping' feature on Android

Google recently released a new update of Chrome for Android. Also, when you use Google Chrome on Android, the tabs that you open will not be piled on top of each other like before.

This means that the tab you open in Google Chrome will now appear as a box on the same page. In addition, the tabs can be grouped so that they can be opened at once. Tab Group is one of the most popular features available on Chrome desktop.

The company has now made the feature available to Android users as well. You need to follow some procedures to use this feature. We are giving you the information here.
How to get the feature of showing tabs in box size

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If you are a Google Chrome user, the new layout of the tab is automatically applied. If not here’s a new product just for you!

If this feature is not available when updating Google Chrome, you can also manually enable it. To do this, go to the browser’s search bar and type ‘chrome: // flags / #enable-tab-grid-layout’.

After searching like this, you have to open and close the Chrome browser twice. After doing this twice, this feature will be available on your Android phone.

How to group tabs

When you get the new layout of the tab, you can easily group the tabs. For that, you have to click on the tabs at the beginning.

And you have to drag and drop the tabs that appear there, that is, leave them on another tab. After grouping all the required tabs in the same tab, the tab that has been grouped, when you open that tab, you will now see a round-shaped option at the bottom of the browser.

The circle-shaped option is the tab you created before the group. Now that you have clicked on the round shape, you can easily reach the next tab.

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