Bulbbul Review: Bulbul Delivers the Message of Women’s Empowerment Amid Pain, Panic, Bloody Play

Bulbbul Review: Bulbul Delivers the Message of Women's Empowerment Amid Pain, Panic, Bloody Play
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Bulbbul Review

On 24 June, ‘Bulbul’ Netflix film was released under the banner of Anushka Sharma Production House ‘Clean Slate’. From this horror drama directed by Anvita Dutt, people expected fear and good content. If seen, this film is no less than a female strong story in terms of story.

Bulbbul Review: – Bulbul, who lives in the forest, hangs upside down from trees, is a bloodthirsty witch. If you are thinking this then you are wrong. On 24 June, ‘Bulbul’ Netflix film was released under the banner of Anushka Sharma Production House ‘Clean Slate’. From this horror drama directed by Anvita Dutt, people expected fear and good content. If seen, this film is no less than a female strong story in terms of story.



The story of Bulbul, built in the 18th-century background, revolves around ‘Bulbul’ (Satisfi Dimri) living in the mansion. Bulbul is married in childhood to the elder Thakur (Rahul Bose) of a royal family. At the time of marriage, Bulbul meets her husband Bade Thakur, his twin brother Mahendra who is mad and his younger brother Satya (Avinash Tiwari). Since she is small, she does not know the meaning of seven rounds but she feels that she is not married to Bade Thakur, Satya, who is her age, we are married to her. While returning home after marriage, Satya narrates a story to her sister-in-law Bulbul. Sathya says ‘she was a witch, she lived in the jungles, she had opposite legs, she used to fly’. Bulbul’s attachment to his brother-in-law Satya begins.

Both share everything with each other. Time passes slowly and Bulbul and Satya have grown up now. But still, Bulbul has an attachment only to the truth, not to the noble Thakur. This attachment of brother-in-law is no longer acceptable to Bulbul’s husband i.e. elder Thakur. They send Sathya to study in London. Suddenly, Bulya becomes very sad due to Satya’s departure. She cries and burns a book written for Satya. However, the elder Thakur gets his eye on the burning pages on which Bulbul had written – ‘Satya Bulbul’. On seeing his wife Bulbul’s affection for Satya, the elder Thakur loses his temper. They beat Bulbul a lot and break both his legs. In the state of unconsciousness, Bulbul comes to the small Thakur lunatic Mahendra and he rapes her. After this something happens that Bulbul covers the incident inside himself. Mahendra’s wife Binodini (Paoli Dam) knows everything but she also tells Bulbul to keep quiet. It says- ‘There are great secrets in big havelis, so stay silent’. The elder Thakur leaves home.

Now, after five years, when Satya returns from abroad, she comes to know that there is the blood of people in her village. People say that a witch kills them. Chhote Thakur Mahendra was also killed by the witch. Sathya is surprised to see her sister-in-law Bulbul. Bulbul is now beginning to meet people, especially Dr. Sudeep (Parambrata Chattopadhyay). Satya is now eyeing Dr. Sudeep and also on finding out the killer.

Then one day when there is blood in the village, Satya, on suspicion of that blood, takes Dr. Sudeep and starts towards the city. When the secret of the real murderer comes in front of him while passing through the forest, the ground slips under his feet. Now this bloody is actually who, who is a witch. To know this, you have to watch the film itself.


Bulbul is a female-centric film directed by Anvita Dutt. The essence of the story is that of a woman who is tortured, she appears to smile on her face without telling her pain. One who understands his pain is either far away (Satya) or he is sent away (Dr. Sudeep). In addition to women, Anvita Dutt has also presented a good plot of the landlord family in this story.


One thing that is very good in Bulbul is the choice of actors. Tripti Dimri and Paoli Dam have done really amazing work. Satisfied Dimari looked perfect in Bulbul’s character. The innocence of his face, his loving eyes like his girlfriend, anger and pain were all great. Rahul Bose froze in the role of Bade Thakur and his twin brother Mahendra. Wise husband, crazy brother-in-law, uncontrollable man, Rahul has played every character well. Avinash Tiwari has also done justice to the role of a beloved brother-in-law Satya.

Apart from all these in Bulbul, another actor without which the film is incomplete is Chhoti Bahu Binodini. Paoli is being seen in the role of Binodini as soon as she sees it. His work is commendable. Despite being a younger daughter-in-law, the younger, older daughter-in-law Bulbul has shown a lot of power over what Paoli Daam has done. Talking about Parambrata Chattopadhyay, he has got less screen space but his acting caught attention wherever he appeared.

What is missing in the film?

The biggest lapse in Bulbul was the disappearance of fear. Even after having a horror story, you will not feel an air of fear anywhere in it. There is a little suspense, a mixture of fairy-tale fairy tale, but it does not happen that when we hear a horror story from grandmother-grandmother too, our breath gets stuck, it is seen missing here. We imagine a witch in a scary way, but fear is less love in Bulbul.


Overall, Anita Dutt has given a fairytale to the ground in the film. The characters are good, each character gives a message, every incident is related to each other, there are fantastic actors. So much that the film will not bore you.