Facebook’s controversial gaming app released on the app store

Facebook Gaming app

Facebook has released its special gaming app Facebook Gaming app on Apple’s App Store without a mini-game section. Due to this mini-game section, Apple had rejected this app of Facebook many times from the app store. Let us know that Facebook Gaming App is a Livestream gaming app on which users can watch the game live. The Facebook gaming app competes with platforms such as Twitch.

Facebook introduced its gaming app in April this year. It was first launched for Android users and is now made available for this iOS device after four months.

The main feature of this Facebook gaming app is mini-games, which are present in the Android app but this feature is not available for iOS users. In fact, due to the mini-games section, this app of Facebook was not getting approved on Apple’s Apple Store, after which the company removed the section itself.

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg told The Verge, ‘Unfortunately, we had to completely remove the gameplay to get Apple’s approval on the standalone Facebook gaming app. This means that iOS users will get less experience than those using Android. We are the main target for quite 380 million folks that play games on Facebook monthly, whether the app approves or not approves for the special gaming app.

On this issue, Apple says that the Facebook gaming app does not follow the guidelines of the App Store.

Facebook claims a gaming app with its app, while 95 percent of this app is employed for streaming games.