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Find out who was using your phone in your absence

You can know when someone has tried to unlock your phone. For this, an app developer has created an app that does the same thing. When someone is touching your phone or using any app by unlocking the phone, you will know about it.

If someone tries to unroll your smartphone, then this app will click its photo. For this, this app has to give access to the front camera. In the report, you will see a photo of the person who tried to unlock the phone.

Many times it happens that you are with many friends. Or live with family members. In this case, a friend or a member of your family tries to unlock the phone. In this case, this app will tell you everything.

The name of this app is Who touched my phone. This app has been prepared by Midnightdev. After installing the app, it has to give some permission.

This app is quite popular on the Play Store and has got a 4.8 rating. Not only this but 1.18 lakh people have also reviewed it. Using this app is quite easy. Just close it by giving the necessary permission. You will get a report the next time any phone tries to unlock it.

This app keeps saving reports. If someone has unlocked your phone then you will also know which app has been opened. How much was taken to unlock or how the pattern was drawn, all of this is found in this app.
This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

This app is free, but some of its features are premium. The basic features that we have mentioned are free. Apart from this, you will have to pay for access to premium features.

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