New features in WhatsApp Business App, Learn what benefits you get


Despite thousands of security questions, WhatsApp is still the world’s most popular messaging app. The platform, which is currently owned by Facebook, also has more than 1,000 billion users worldwide. However, not only for personal reasons, but also in business, the importance of WhatsApp is growing. So WhatsApp Business app is also very popular among business users nowadays. Because, this app has a number of features, which greatly help the users to conduct business online. In that case, with all these users in mind, today, WhatsApp announced the addition of a new feature to its Business App version. According to reports, WhatsApp Business users will now be able to create or manage ‘catalogs’ on WhatsApp web and desktop applications as well, which were previously limited to mobile applications only.

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Incidentally, WhatsApp launched the catalog option for its business app in 2019, which allows merchants to add and display products as a digital storefront on WhatsApp. In that case, WhatsApp users as well as merchants can now create catalogs from web or desktop apps. WhatsApp has already claimed that more than 6 million users worldwide, including 1 million users in India, have already created their own catalogs.

The company also said that since most business organizations manage their inventory from a computer, they can easily add details of their new items or services to their WhatsApp profiles. This will also allow customers to know more about their services. However, with the help of this feature, the company thinks that the merchants associated with the clothing store or restaurant will be particularly benefited.

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Note that WhatsApp has also introduced the option to hide an item from the catalog for the convenience of sellers. Who can use this feature to hide their unavailable items? As a result, instead of deleting an item from the catalog now, traders can hide it and be able to show it again when it is available in stock. According to WhatsApp, these features will especially benefit merchants and make their connection and business relationship with customers stronger and easier.

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