Find out who will not receive the Microsoft Windows 11 update, will be punished in a dishonesty way

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Find out who will not receive the Microsoft Windows 11 update, will be punished in a dishonesty way

Ending the wait, Microsoft last month unveiled their new operating system, Windows 11. Its predecessor, Windows 10, came out six years ago today. So after a long time, there was no lack of discussion or noise in the technology community about the new update (Windows 11). However, in the new update, Microsoft has announced some requirements for downloading, which if not met, it will be impossible to install Windows 11 on our device.

Necessary Features required for Windows 11 update

As I said before, Windows 11 OS will not be supported on all types of devices. For this, the user’s device has to meet some basic needs. Let’s talk about such processors. For Windows 11 OS to work, our device must have a 64-bit processor with 1 GHz or faster, two or more cores. Again, Windows 11 Update will not support any device without at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage options. It has also been reported that Windows 11 updates cannot be downloaded to devices without TPM or Trusted Platform Module 2.0 version and DirectX 12 or later WDDM 2.0 driver support.

However, there is no possibility to download new updates roundabout? Wouldn’t anyone who has the above features at the moment be able to check out the latest updates from Microsoft? To answer in the language of Microsoft officials, only a very short ‘no’ can be said! Aria Carle on behalf of the company has made it clear that it is not possible to download the Windows 11 update on the device in any way if the required requirements are not met.

Now the question may arise as to why Microsoft needs such restrictions for new update users. In fact, the company does not want to sway anyone when it comes to downloading Windows 11. Especially in the new update they have made multiple changes to the security system. The company said in a statement that it was “emphasizing the need to meet the needs of Windows 11 users to prevent any security breaches.”

Aria Carl also claims that they will not allow any user who is unable to meet basic needs to access Windows 11 at this time. There is no question of downloading new updates on the device in any dishonest way or using any special strategy in a detour! In this case, Aria has made it clear that Microsoft will immediately block the asylum seeker.

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