Follow Your Favorite Person Secretly – Instagram is bringing Favorite feature

Follow Your Favorite Person Secretly - Instagram

Follow Your Favorite Person Secretly – Instagram is bringing Favorite feature

The movement of the people of choice will get priority in the user feed – Instagram is going to add Favorites Feature in the application.

Instagram, a photo-sharing platform owned by Facebook, is working on a new feature that will greatly change the practical experience of its users. According to the report, the feature in question allows users to choose their favorite users from among a large number of followers. As a result, the posts of those favorites will be more visible in his user feed. This new feature of Instagram is currently being tested. However, we expect detailed information about the feature to come out very soon.

Instagram brings Favorites Feature

Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has taken to Instagram about his favorite feature from his Twitter account. From the screenshots he shared, it is known that even if you choose someone as a favorite using this feature, it will remain completely unknown to that follower. This allows users to unquestionably prioritize favorite people as favorites. If you want to see more of the movement of the people of your choice in the thousands of photos, videos, and reels posted on Instagram, you can’t wait to tell the user that this favorite feature is going to be very useful.

It seems that you have to choose the ‘More’ option on the top left of the profile page to access the favorite feature on Instagram. However, now is not the time to say anything for sure.

In addition to the favorite features, Instagram is also working on a number of new features, Paluzzi said in another tweet. The company wants to please the users by using the Stories Montage Tool in the application. This technology will allow social media members to create reels directly from their own stories. This will increase the attractiveness of the application, the opinion of the technology community.

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