Google loan, Get loans all small business man in India Sponsored by google


Google loan, get loans all small business man in India Sponsored by google.

Get loans all small business man in India Sponsored by google
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Google will give loan to small business people in India, new feature also launched

Google will give credit to small businesses in India. For this, the company is in talks with financial institutions in India.

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American tech company Google has said that it will give loan to millions of merchants in India. This service company is going to start from this year and it will be done through Google Pay.

Google Pay is the company’s payment app which is quite popular in India. Small business has suffered due to Corona virus and Google wants to give loans to these small businesses.

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Google has said that the company is working with financial institutions and Bax to give credit through Google Pay for Business app. In India, the company launched the Google Pay for Business app at the end of last year.

According to Google, 30 lakh merchants are using Google Pay for Business App. Google also launched Google My Business app in India in 2017. The company introduced it by targeting small businesses only.

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Google India director Shalini Girish has said, “Due to the corona epidemic and lockdowns, many businesses are in need of money, especially the needs of small businesses are increasing so as to reduce the distraction and recovery by adopting technology online.” To come.

A new feature has been introduced in Google My Business app, under which businesses can increase their online presence. It will also be easy to find these businesses in Google search.

Nearby Stores has also been added to Google Pay. Under this, it will be easy for the users to find the stores of the nearby places, and digital payments can also be made from here.

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