Google’s gift for Android users, from earthquake alerts, these new features will be available


Google's Gift for --Android Users From earthquake Alerts !!!

Google’s gift for Android users, from earthquake alerts, these new features will be available

Google has announced new features to enhance the experience of Android users. Google has said that safety has also been taken care of in the new update. Google has announced features like end-to-end encryption and Starred Messages for its Messages app. Apart from this, many features have also been announced.

Google is now rolling out an end-to-end encryption feature for the Messages app. Earlier this feature was released only for beta users. Now those who have access to RCS will be given this feature. The user will see a lock icon near the send button. For this, both the sender and receiver will have to keep this feature on as well as an active internet connection will also be required.

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The Android Earthquake Alert System is being released globally. Earlier this feature was launched in 2020. With this, users are alerted a few seconds before the earthquake. The Android Earthquake Alerts System was recently released in New Zealand and Greece. It is now gradually being released to everyone.

You can start a conversation on the Google Messages app. Now users can bookmark a specific message. This allows it to be accessed immediately when needed. For this, hold and hold the message you want to start. Then star it. It will be available to everyone in the coming time.

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The emoji kitchen recommendation in Gboard will show users an emoji suggestion when they type a message. This feature is currently available for Gboard beta users. Google has confirmed that this message will be available in the coming times for all Gboard users who are on the Android 6 or above version.

The feature to open the app with voice has also been released. With this, you can give many commands by voice. With this, you can complete the task by going directly to the app by saying Hey Google, pay my Capital One bill.

Android Auto users can personalize the launcher screen directly from the phone and set the dark mode manually. With this, new apps are being added to enhance the user’s drive experience. EV charging, parking, and navigation apps will be available in Android Auto.

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