Here’s how to easily edit screenshots on Android

How to edit screenshots

Here’s how to easily edit screenshots on Android

Most smartphones now allow screenshots to be taken. But what do you do after taking a screenshot?

Maybe you just post it on a social network or send it to another person. Not only does this carry more than you need, but sometimes your confidential information and details can be leaked.

Most Android smartphones and tablets offer some options as soon as you take a screenshot. Which makes it easy to edit immediately before sharing a screenshot.

Not only taking screenshots on Android but there are also various ways to edit it. Samsung Galaxy devices have many methods.

However, the most common universal method is to press the volume down button as well as the power (mobile on / off) button simultaneously until the screen flashes. This method works on most Android phones and tablets.

Then comes the question of what to do. It also depends on the company that manufactures your device. Today we are going to show you the process of Xiaomi phones as an example.

How to edit screenshots?

  1. When you take a screenshot on your mobile, then click on the screenshot that appears on one side.
  2. There you will see some basic screens for editing pictures. Limit the highlighted sides at the beginning if you want to crop. 
  3. Now at the bottom of the screen, you will see options like Share, Crop, Draw, Text, Blur and Delete, Undo, Redo and Save on demand.
  4. If you touch twice in a row on options like draw, text, blur, you will see more options.
    Share after editing screenshots with the help of available tools or save to your mobile by pressing the save button.

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