How to Block People you know on Tinder

How to Block People you know on Tinder

How to Block People you know on Tinder

Various dating apps like Tinder have recently become popular among many users. As users become more and more involved with such apps, it is important to know how to use them safely.

Accordingly, Tinder has recently provided a new feature. Which helps keep you away from people you know on Tinder. Users have got this feature after a long wait. So here we are informing you about how this feature works, how to activate it.

What is Tinder’s blocking feature?

This is a feature brought by Tinder, which helps you keep your relatives and acquaintances away from you on Tinder. This feature will make it easier for the blocked person to know when you block someone.

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This feature allows you to block anyone on your contact list. This means that even if the person on the contact list is not on Tinder, he will never be able to find you, even if he opens Tinder.

Blocking contacts in this way will not affect your previous matches or messages. If the mobile number you blocked and the mobile number in Tinder do not match, it will not be blocked.

How does Tinder’s Block Contact work?

Once a user decides to use the block contact feature, Tinder will give access to your contact list. Tinder will keep the number, name, and email address of the person you have blocked.

If someone doesn’t want Tinder to gain access to their contact list, Tinder has an option for that as well. This means that the user has also provided the facility to block the number of the person one by one.

Follow the Process to Block Someone on Tinder?

  • Open Tinder first.

  • Go to Settings and click on ‘Block Contacts’ below.

  • Give Tinder access to your contacts.

  • Now go to the ‘Contacts’ tab and select the person you want to block.

  • Finally, block by clicking on the ‘Block Contact’ option.

If you do not want to give Tinder access to the contact list, go to Tinder’s settings to block the person’s number one by one. Now you can block by clicking on ‘Block Contact’ and clicking on the ‘Plus’ icon that appears there.

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This way you can stay away from people you know on Tinder.

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