How to Earn Money from YouTube in 2021


When Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Javed Karim went to a dinner party in 2004, they started thinking about YouTube. One year later, on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2005, its logo, trademark, and domain were registered.

YouTube, which for the first time uploaded a 19-second video called ‘Me at the Zoo’, is now uploading 300 hours of video per minute, with an average number of 1.9 billion monthly users.

Statistics show that five billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. As a result of the way it has been developed and used, it is becoming a source of income for millions today.

There are people in the world who make millions from YouTube. The number of people running YouTube channels has been increasing in Nepal recently. There are YouTube channels in Nepal that earn millions daily.

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Only a few people in Nepal know that millions of rupees can be earned monthly from YouTube. But if we use it and follow some of the rules set by YouTube, we can use it as an opportunity to earn good money from home.

In Nepal, the channel has been operating with songs, informative content, and some humorous videos. They are also earning a good income from this.

Ways to earn money from Youtube

To earn money from YouTube, you first need to have a Gmail account. You can create a YouTube channel from the same Gmail account.

The same YouTube can be your main source of income. To do this, first, go to YouTube and create a new channel, and put videos that you have created on that channel.

If you steal someone else’s video, you may be subject to copyright action. YouTube removes such videos itself. So it is important to take care of such things when posting videos.

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Another thing is that since your video is the main source of your income, it is important to pay attention to the interest of the viewer while making the video.

It is better to make a video considering what the viewers want, what is the demand of the time, what is their interest in the subject, and what can attract the viewers.

At the same time, it is equally important to continue it. Because the more engaged you are, the more your audience grows. YouTube then monetizes your channel.

YouTube has also set some rules for monetization. Now Google has brought some strict rules in the YouTube Partner Program. As a rule, Google has set some thresholds.

According to this, the channels are monetized. Now, any YouTube channel has a rule of having one thousand subscribers and ten thousand views, and four thousand hours of views in 12 months.

YouTube monetizes your channel only after the channel has 1,000 subscribers, 10,000 views, and 4,000 hours of views in 12 months. He checks whether the video is under his policy.

Only if all goes well will you become a YouTube partner. For that, you need to connect to the YouTube Partner Program. Then ads will start appearing on your videos. Video advertising is the best source of income for the YouTube channel.

YouTube channel setup

Once your video reaches at least 10,000 views, you must apply to join the YouTube Partner Program. Currently, Nepal has also joined the YouTube Partner Program.

When applying, you have to choose the appropriate country where the YouTube partner program will be located in the channel location. Then you have to connect the YouTube channel with the AdSense account to earn from the monetized video.

Then choose ‘Monetize with Ad’ and choose the type of ad you want. For this, you have to go to the YouTube Studio app of the video manager.

Video selection

It’s not possible to put a video on YouTube as soon as you put it. Lately, there are also YouTube channels that attract viewers by abusing someone and posting pornographic videos. They may have made some money.

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But that cannot be sustained. For continuity, if you choose one of the poisons and make a video based on it, your audience will also increase. Your persistence should be able to convince the audience.

Another is to make videos on burning topics. Which can attract the user. Informative channels have also run on YouTube. The most important thing is that if you make a video targeting even a foreign audience, it is most suitable.

Because users living in other countries earn more income while watching videos than users in Nepal. It is better to make a video that is suitable for foreign viewers as the advertisement placed in the YouTube video will earn more money if it is clicked abroad than in Nepal.

If one-click comes to Nepal, if you click the same thing from abroad, you can get 5 to 25 dollars.

Ways to increase the audience

The audience is your income. So, the first thing to increase the audience is the attractive video. At the same time, when you upload a video, you have to upload it so that the viewer can find it easily.

It’s best to include as many keywords as possible, taking into account what keywords your video viewers may use when searching. For that, the viewer should keep the title and description of the video accordingly

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