What is Full HD and 4K Technology – A complete Information


4K is not really a new technology. This is a resolution standard. Videos, displays and projectors have come to the market with this kind of technology.

YouTube has been allowing 4k video uploads since 2010. Before that, Sony had brought the first 4K projector around 2012. About 18 years ago today, the first 4K camera has also been made public.

Now it has become a common and accessible technology. It is easily available to the general public. It is used in all kinds of devices. It is a resolution technology that can be used in both recording and streaming.

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When it comes to resolutions, knowing something is easy to understand. The display consists of tiny units, called pixels. 4k has 3,840 pixels horizontally, while vertically has 2,160 pixels. Horizontally it has about 4,000 pixels, so it is called 4K.

Different in Full HD and 4K

Full HD resolution is 1920 and 1080. When the pixel is doubled in both its height and width, it has a 4K. Four times the resolution of four times the pixels of a full HD. Speaking of 2K, it has 1280 and 780 pixels.

Speaking of 4K’s screen resolution, it has a total of 8 megapixels, because it has a width of about 4,000 and a height of about 2,000 pixels. When you multiply these two, you get about 8 million pixels in it.

Now when it comes to Full HD, it has about 2 million pixels. Its quality is four times better than full HD.

Content for 4K

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You have 4K television, but if you don’t have 4K content, it’s not fun to watch. For this you can record 4K video from your mobile, download YouTube content from YouTube or internet and watch it on TV. You must have at least a 12-megapixel camera to record 4K video.

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