How to Protect Our Smartphone | Smartphone hacks: 5 easy solutions to problems!

Smartphone Malware

How to Protect Our Smartphone?

Smartphone hacks: 5 easy solutions to problems!

In our daily life, we sometimes have problems with smartphones. As it turns out, one of the most important features ever stopped working for no reason.

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Smartphone hacks: What exactly will he do at that time?

And that is why this article has been arranged to solve various problems with smartphones in daily life, which if you know, you may find a quick remedy for such problems later.

There is a problem to see the display of the phone in daylight

To solve this problem you need to buy an anti-glare screen protector. Using the jetty will not be a problem to see the display even in excessive sunlight.

It takes a long time to connect to the WiFi of the phone or the WiFi is not connected to the smartphone

A very serious problem. However, the solution is very short.

For this, you need to select wi-fi> Settings> Menu> Advance and stay connected on your Android phone.

If your phone is in the range area then WiFi will be connected to your phone very easily.

What steps should be taken to make Android phones more dynamic? Many people nowadays use third-party apps to increase the speed of Android phones. Which is totally inappropriate!

In this case, if you want to use the software approved by your smartphone brand. Many phones now offer a default software that can be used to make the phone more mobile. However, it is foolish to use any kind of third-party software from Google Play Store.

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Smartphone hacks: What is the remedy for my phone clock not working properly?

Many times our smartphone does not turn on the automatic time system option. This happens because your network clock is slow. Then go to the setting option and select the following options:

Settings> Date & Time> Automatic

My phone is stolen. What can I do?

A very deadly thing. You can install a third-party app if you want. Which will allow you to easily track your phone.


This application called PhoneLocator Pro is able to track your phone via GPS.

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