How to Rent Movies on YouTube – I want to Watch Movies at Rental Basis in Youtube

How to Rent Movies on YouTube

In addition to free videos, YouTube rents movies and here we will see How to Rent Movies on YouTube or Watch Movies at Rental Basis

YouTube is best known for its free Matt user-uploaded videos that dance around the world, talking cats, and monkeys playing the guitar.

In addition to all those free videos, YouTube also distributes a wide range of movie titles, including new and old releases, through the movie rental service, making YouTube a popular video rental and rental movie.

The instructions below apply to the YouTube web version.

How to Rent Movies on YouTube

How to Watch Free Movies on YouTube, legally 2020 [Free to Watch] - YouTube
To rent or purchase a movie on YouTube using a web browser, follow these steps:

1. Open YouTube and click on Movies and Shows in the YouTube navigation bar. You can also type in “YouTube Movies” search if you have YouTube on a smart TV, media streamer, or game console.

Open YouTube and click on Movies and Shows in the YouTube navigation bar.
2. Choose new releases, movie genres, or browse for free movies.

how to rent movie
3. Once you have found a movie to rent or buy, click on Title or cover title.
4. The trailer will start playing immediately. Below is all the information you need to know about the film, including related videos and sometimes user comments.
5. Click BUY or RENT to rent or purchase a movie (or TV program). Some movies offer rental and shopping options, while others offer shopping.

6. To continue, if you have not already done so, you need to create or sign in to your YouTube or Google Gmail account.
7. It is also a good idea to include a credit card and payment details if this is your first purchase on Google.
8. Select HD or SD. (Sometimes 4K is an option.) You can also enter a discount coupon code for rentals.
9. Once the above steps are completed, you can watch the video immediately or wait up to 30 days to start playing.

Remember, for rent, you must watch a movie within 24 or 48 hours from the time you press Play. However, you can watch the movie as many times as you like within the customized rental window. When you buy a movie, you can watch it anytime, as often as you like.

Receiving Rewards If There Is a Problem

For the purpose of this review, the rental of two paid movies and one free movie was considered.

The first movie screened by The Green Hornet, which was viewed on Google TV’s Chrome web browser (formerly Android TV). Twenty minutes after the film started, it jumped to the end of the movie and stopped. To solve the problem, the film slide was stopped just in time to pass. It played again and for 10 minutes jumped again until it reached the end. The same thing happens with the PC. Unable to watch the movie, refund requested. The process was simple and efficient.

The two remaining films watched: Dilemma and Super Size Me played without problems.
To get a return on YouTube movie purchases, visit your Purchases page and select Request a refund next to the title.

Once you have identified the problem you have, click on the option you want to restore. In some cases, money is returned immediately. However, YouTube may require additional verification to enable troubleshooting in its final resolution before authorizing a refund. For more help, visit the YouTube Movie Support page.

Overview of YouTube Movie Rental Service – How to Rent Movies on YouTube

YouTube movie rental rates and purchase prices vary from $ 2.99 to $ 19.99. Rental rates are 24 or 48 hours per game – depending on the film, you may have a 30-day window to start the play process.

YouTube movie rental service should not be confused with YouTubeTV, which is a paid streaming service that provides package access to multiple TV and movie broadcast channels at a monthly fee. YouTube TV is similar to services such as SlingTV and DirecTV Now which offers an alternative to cable and satellite TV.

Top Features of YouTube Movie Rental Service

Similar to other required video services, YouTube’s paid movie rental service includes titles such as The Big Ugly, What We Found, The Secret Garden, The Silencing, The Killer Next Door, Black Water Abyss, Homefront, The King of Staten Island, John Wick 3, and more. Many titles are available in both high-resolution and high-definition modes, as well as a limited number of 4K (depending on whether your devices and internet speed support the option you want.) YouTube recommends at least 20 Mbps internet speed for 4K streaming).
In addition to the featured articles that appear on the YouTube Movie page, you can also search to see if a particular movie or TV show title is a service, browse the A-Z title list, or by category categories, including:

• New releases

• Top Sale

• Documents

• Humor

• Action / Entertainment

  • Old
  • Game
  • Animation Movies
  • Scary
  • Science fiction
  • and more…

There is also a list of related videos that you can access on the movie page – you do not need to rent a movie to access the list.

More Features of YouTube Movie Rental Service

The experience of watching YouTube movies on TV is wonderful.

• The image quality is clear and bright on the big screen and usually, no art objects are visible.
• YouTube offers a full movie experience – similar to what you get on a DVD or Blu-ray Disc – which includes additional bonuses.
• Some of these additions to the movie page include square videos, actors’ interviews, and various parodies, clips, and other uploads from YouTube users.
YouTube movie rental instructions and purchase instructions are available at:
• Multiple web browsers for PC
• YouTube Movie apps are available on iOS devices (10.0 or later) and Android smartphones
• Choose Smart TVs (mainly 2013 or newer running Android TV system with LG, Vizio, Panasonic, and LG)
• Chromecast and Game Consoles
• Apple TV
• Roku TV and media broadcasters.

Bottom Line about – How to Rent Movies on YouTube or Watch Movies at Rental Basis

All in all, YouTube’s movie rental service is easy to use, especially if you’re used to watching videos on YouTube. While the image quality is satisfactory.

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