How to use Google Meet for free where company is planning to charge for this service

google meet

Google has decided to keep the video calling service of Google Meet, which is available to specific Gmail users, free till June this year. You will not have to spend any money for this special video calling service.

Money will have to be given on use for more than 24 hours

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Google said that now Gmail users can use Google Meet service for 24 hours without spending any money. The company will not charge any money from users for this. However, it is expected that if users use this service for more than 24 hours, then money will have to be paid. Let us know that last year Google changed the name of its video calling service Google Hangout to Google Meet. In September last year, the company made this video calling service free for all Gmail users. After this, Google had extended this free service of Google Meet till March, 2021. Now the company has announced to keep this service free till June this year.

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Free for iOS and Android users

You can use Google Meet on your iOS and Android phones for free. You can include a maximum of 49 people in this service. During Lockdown last year, Google had made a plan to make Gmail more attractive with its video calling feature. Google decided to further increase the number of users in its group and voice calls to boost work from home in lockdown.

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