How To Use Instagram NameTags – Complete Guide about Instagram NameTags


How To Use Instagram NameTags - Complete Guide

How To Use Instagram NameTags – Complete Guide about Instagram NameTags


NameTag feature was first given by Snapchat and Instagram has copied the same feature but Instagram’s new feature is quite fun. With the help of this Instagram feature, you can easily search for your friends and follow them. Let us know in detail about Instagram NameTags & How To Use Instagram Nametags.


What is Instagram NameTag?


What is Instagram NameTag? This is a great question. For those who don’t know about Instagram name tags, be sure to read this topic, and if you know about Instagram name tags but want to know how to use them (How To Use Instagram NameTags) below Read the topic.


Instagram NameTag is a feature with the help of which you can scan and follow your friend’s QR code with the help of an Instagram scanner. With the help of this new feature, searching for your friends has become much easier. You will get your friend’s profile instantly without searching the name and you will be able to follow him. Earlier it was quite difficult to search for friends on Instagram and go to the same profile but with the help of Instagram name tag, it has become easier to search for friends.


How To Use Instagram NameTags

Instagram Nametags are quite easy to use. Update the app to get this new feature of Instagram, then the nametag option will start appearing in the app.


How to use Instagram Nametags?


Steps to Use Instagram NameTags:


Step 1: Update the Instagram app and open it.


Step 2: After opening, there is a profile icon on the bottom right side of the app, you have to click on it.


Step 3: In the profile section, there are three horizontal lines on the tax right side corner, click on them.


Step 4: The first option will be Nametag, click on it.


Step 5: Now your Instagram code will appear, you can share it with your friends so that they can get your profile quickly.


Step 6: If you want to scan your friend’s Instagram code with the help of an Instagram scanner, click on the same window in the middle of the Scan a Nametag option.


Step 7: In Instagram Scanner, you can scan a friend’s Instagram code in two ways. The first is by scanning the friend’s code directly in front of the phone’s camera or with the help of the Instagram code saved in the gallery.


Step 8: As soon as you scan the Instagram code using either of the above methods, your friend’s profile will open.


Conclusion  – How to use Instagram Nametags?


Insta may have copied the nametag feature from Snapchat but Instagram’s new feature is quite great. Now users will not have any problem in searching for their friends and they will not panic.


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